What Science Revealed About Chupacabra?: PART 2 (Science)

PREVIOUSLY ON WHO IS CHUPACABRA, We saw chupacabra is a blood sucking creature .. There are many conspiracy theories on this creature like many people believe it’s a blood sucking vampire, but also many people who believe that origin of this creature can be traced back to government facility , ‘Arecibo observatory’.. They think that experiments done at Arecibo summoned the chupacabra.. But, what Science says about chupacabra, is chupacabra real? If yes, did we found him and if not, who is the real chupacabra killing those livestock? I know there are many questions in your mind and don’t worry after reading this article till end. You will get all your answers. So lets see,

Artist impression of chupacabra ©yavshoke

In 1974, scientists transmitted the Arecibo message beaming description of our planet, our DNA and location of our solar system deep into the cosmos in a hope that one day it will reach extraterrestrial life. A leading chupacabra creation myth theories that extraterrestrial replied to the Arecibo Message sending scientists genetic code to create alien hybrid. While this theory is outside of our world one thing is undeniable i.e. lifestock killings so what’s killing them??

Well, recently Dr. Olivares analyzed the dead bodies of livestock from bercelonta. He observed there are bite wounds on the neck area and by using X ray he revealed that there’s also damage inside, like the neck is broken and separated. By comparing the bite marks with dog skull ‘mandible maxilla’ he revealed that this can be done by the dog.. And the bite marks came from upper canine and lower canine.. He also said that due to overpopulation dogs in Puerto Rico don’t act like domesticated..

X ray image of victim hen with broken neck revealed by olivares © Olivares

Yeah friends, overpopulation causing them to behave in a very wild manner. If you are not aware of psychology, let me tell you its a process called “rewinding”. Successive generations of dogs born without a home or human contact reverting to a primal or more aggressive state. He said that dogs in this situation could kill animals for sport. And there’s more science behind it.

Several years ago, a Rancher in Ceuro Texas claimed she found the carcass of chupacabra, though DNA tests reveled that its also a dog of sorts coyote with mange and remember that popular theory that extraterrestrials sent scientists at Arecibo the genetic recipe to create hybrid. This story look familiar to 1995 movie “Species”. The alien in that movie look similar to chupacabra it turns there may be reason for that.

When Ben Radford from discovery interviewed Madeline, the first person who claimed to see chupacabra, he found that she saw that film weeks before her encounter. Although she stands by her terrifying sighting but it seems as though it may have been coloured by Science fiction. Ernesto also trapped one creature in one of his surveillance cameras which looks similar to chupacabra, but, that footage too doesn’t reveal that it was really a chupacabra. So, as per science the mystery of chupacabra is solved.

Reference: (1) The Chupacabra becomes a recurring legend, 6 May 1996, by Robert Friedman, Princeton university https://www.princeton.edu/~accion/chupa27.html (2) Josh gates, “Expedition Unknown”, 2019. Episode 7 season 8.

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