What Determines The Structure of Short Gamma-ray Burst Jets? (Astronomy)

Urrutia and colleagues in their recently published paper in arxiv, presented numerical simulations of relativistic jets associated with short gamma ray bursts (SGRBs). They explored different initial jet structures, duration and luminosities and followed the jet interaction with the merger remnant wind and computed its final structure at distances ≥ 10¹¹ cm from the central engine. They showed that the final jet structure, as well as the resulting afterglow emission, depend strongly on the initial structure of the jet, its luminosity and duration. While the initial structure at the jet is preserved for long-lasting SGRBs, it is strongly modified for jets barely making their way through the wind. To read more download pdf given below.

Featured image: Kinetic luminosity and Lorentz factor profiles for the structured jets implemented in the numerical simulations. The top-hat jet (solid line) has a cut-off angle of 𝜃𝑗 = 10° . Gaussian (dashed line) and power-law jet (dotted line) profiles present extended wings moving with Newtonian velocity. © Urrutia et al.

Reference: Gerardo Urrutia, Fabio De Colle, Ariadna Murguia-Berthier, Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, “What determines the structure of short gamma-ray burst jets?”, ArXiv, pp. 1-9, 2021.

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