Astrophysicists Done Corrections In Big Bang Nucleosynthesis Expression (Cosmology / Astronomy)

G. Lewis and colleagues revisited Wagoner et al. (1967), a classic contribution in the development of Big Bang Nucleosynthesis. They demonstrated that it presents an incorrect expression for the temperature of the early universe as a function of time in the high temperature limit, T ≳ 1010 K. To read full article please refer pdf file given below:

References: (1) Charlie Sharpe, Geraint F. Lewis , and Luke A. Barnes, “Big Bang Nucleosynthesis Initial Conditions: Revisiting Wagoner et al. (1967)”, Arxiv, 2021.(2) Wagoner, R. V., Fowler, W. A., & Hoyle, F. 1967, “On the Synthesis of elements at very high temperature”, ApJ, 148, 3.

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