A Glimpse of a Solar Eclipse (Astronomy)

The solar eclipse scheduled for June 10 will be barely visible only in the central-northern regions of Italy. The advice to follow it, along with the other phenomena that will characterize the sky this month

The appointment with the next solar eclipse is for 10 June , but unfortunately it will only be visible from central northern Italy in a very partial way. The annular eclipse phenomenon can only be observed in a narrow belt that will cross Canada, Greenland and northern Russia, passing through the north pole.

On our territory the event will begin, albeit with differences of a few minutes between the various locations, around 11:35 am and will end around 1 pm Practically, at a latitude lower than that of Florence the eclipse will be completely invisible. And, in any case, the darkening of the solar disk that can also be observed from the northernmost areas of our country will be just a few percentage points. In Milan, in fact, the shadow of the Moon will begin to be seen on the solar disk starting at 11:36 am, the maximum coverage, equal to 3.5 percent of the whole Sun, will be reached at 12.20 and the eclipse will end at 13 and 4 minutes. In Bologna, the eclipse will begin at 11:48, the maximum is expected at 12:23 with a dimming of just 1.5 percent of the solar disk.

Wherever you are, we recommend that you never look directly at the Sun or, worse, use instruments such as binoculars or telescopes without the necessary certified filters. The risk, very serious and concrete, is that of irreversibly damaging your eyes.

Do you want to know more about the solar eclipse, the planets, the conjunctions and the constellations that will be visible in the skies of June? Then you just have to watch the video below that we have prepared for you as always:

Featured image: An image of the 2012 solar eclipse from Queensland, Australia. Credits: GLORIA Project

Provided by INAF

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