Vegan Diets Optimal for Growth in Children (Food)

Vegan diets can be optimal for normal growth in children, according to a review published in Nutrition Research. Researchers reviewed literature on growth and overall health in children who follow vegan diets and assessed intake of several key nutrients. Those children who follow vegan diets showed normal growth with adequate, if not greater intakes of protein, fiber, and iron. Supplementation of vitamins B12 is necessary, and some may choose to supplement with vitamin D or calcium. Vegan diets offer many health benefits for children, including prevention of cardiovascular disease, vitamin C deficiency, and obesity during childhood and later in life.

Featured image credit: gettyimages


Daniel Olivier Sutter, Nicole Bender, Nutrient status and growth in vegan children, Nutrition Research, Volume 91, 2021, Pages 13-25, ISSN 0271-5317, (

Provided by PCRM

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