Venus and Mars, Two Neighboring Planets (Planetary Science)

A rather tight conjunction between the planets Venus and Mars is expected in the July evening sky. The tips for observing it, along with the constellations, planets and conjunctions visible this month

A July in the sign of Venus and Mars. The two planets, visible from the beginning of the month after sunset, towards the west, will gradually approach, day after day, until the evening of the 13th , when they will reach the minimum distance between them and will therefore be in conjunction. The two planets will be quite close in the sky, as much as the apparent diameter of the moon. However, the approach will be simply due to a perspective effect: on that day Venus will be 213 million kilometers from Earth, while Mars at 372, so the two planets will be almost 160 million kilometers from each other! Apart from astronomical distances, observing the conjunction of Venus and Mars will be truly spectacular, even if only with the naked eye or with binoculars, provided you have an obstacle-free horizon. The two planets, when they appear in the twilight, will be quite low on the horizon, with Venus being much brighter than Mars. And if you really can’t observe the conjunction of 13, don’t lose heart: the two planets will still be pretty close for practically the whole month!

But the July evening sky has much more to offer us. To discover the constellations, the planets and the main astronomical events visible this month you can follow the usual video below that we have prepared for you:

Featured image: Venus and Mars as they will appear on the evening of July 13, on the occasion of their conjunction. Credits: M. Galliani / Stellarium

Provided by INAF

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