The Splendid Profile of the Galaxy Ngc 247 (Cosmology)

The galaxy Ngc 247 is one of the closest to the Earth and appears almost exactly cut-off. The tips for observing it, along with the main constellations, planets and phenomena visible in the evening skies this month

Ngc 247 is a spiral galaxy that is almost cutting edge to our sight and is one of the closest spiral galaxies in the southern sky. To locate it you need at least a small telescope: we can find it in the direction of the constellation of the Whale, which passes south in the early hours of darkness in the November sky. In the image to the side taken by the ESO MPG telescope in Chile, numerous stars are visible that make up the galaxy and many bright pink hydrogen clouds, which indicate the regions where new stars are forming, especially in the spiral arms.

Ngc 247 is part of the Sculptor group, the closest group of galaxies to our Local Group, which includes the Milky Way. Despite this relative proximity, it is not easy to provide a precise value for the distance of Ngc 247: the latest estimates indicate that this galaxy is located just over 11 million light years from Earth.

If you are curious to know where to find Ngc 247 and to know the main constellations, planets and astronomical phenomena that we will be able to admire – clouds permitting – in the evening skies this month, take a look at the video that we have prepared for you as usual:

Featured image: The spiral galaxy Ngc 247 taken by the Wide field imager (WFI) instrument mounted on the ESO MPG telescope at the La Silla observatory in Chile. Credits: ESO

Provided by INAF

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