Astronomers Unveil the Internal Structure of Hercules Supercluster (Cosmology)

Monteiro-Oliveira and colleagues investigated the structure of the Hercules supercluster (SCL160) based on data originally extracted from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey SDSS-DR7. They have confirmed that the Hercules supercluster is composed of the galaxy clusters A2147, A2151, and A2152 and these galaxy clusters composed of subclusters. Their study recently appeared in Arxiv.

The Hercules Superclusters (SCl 160) refers to a set of two nearby superclusters of galaxies. It is located near the Coma Supercluster, helping make up part of the CfA2 Great Wall and is composed of the galaxy clusters Abell 2147, Abell 2151 (Hercules Cluster), and Abell 2152 galaxy clusters. Previous studies not only failed to address the kinematics of Hercules superclusters as a whole, but also the internal kinematic of each cluster.

But now, Monteiro-Oliveira and colleagues could be able to explored these, by tracing the mass distribution in the field through the numerical density-weighted by the r′-luminosity of the galaxies and classified them based on their spatial position and redshift.

They have confirmed that the Hercules supercluster is composed of the galaxy clusters A2147, A2151, and A2152.

A2147 is a bimodal cluster having a total mass of 13.5 × 1014 M, A2151 consists of five subclusters with a total mass of 2.88 × 1014 M; it is in an early stage of merger. While, A2152 is comprised by (at least) two subclusters having a total mass of 0.72 × 1014 M. These all galaxy clusters form the heart of the Hercules supercluster.

They also have found two other gravitationally bond clusters, increasing, therefore, the known members of the supercluster.

Finally, they have estimated a total mass for the Hercules supercluster that is found to be 2.1 × 1015 M, respectively.

Reference: R. Monteiro-Oliveira, D. F. Morell, V. M. Sampaio, A. L. B. Ribeiro, R. R. de Carvalho, “Unveiling the internal structure of Hercules supercluster”, Arxiv, 2021. DOI:10.1093/mnras/stab3225 preprint

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