We actually don’t follow procedures like other websites do, “COPY PASTE THINGS”. In order to bring daily Science news for you from all around the world, we have to browse hundreds of universities websites daily. We strictly read and check researches published by them. If you are a good observer. You noticed that we take at least 10 minutes in to order to put 1 article. But, why?

We filter things out

Well friends, before publishing any article here on our website, we have to check whether an article or press release published by them have any reference research papers.. If it doesn’t have any, we have to check who conducted that research or if any correspondence mail of any researcher is given there or not. We don’t publish such researches (which don’t have any reference paper) on our website, until we make sure from researchers or universities that they really carried out that research. Copyright of such researches/articles solely belongs to their respective researchers and universities. Also, we have to check, whether the reference paper links are actually working or not or whether they have derived same conclusion (in an article) as they have shown in their research paper.

Our own articles

We also write our own articles, but only with the help of research papers. We don’t use youtube, wikipedia or websites to write our articles. This assures that, you are learning 100% truth. Copyright of such articles belongs to their respective owners only. If you want to reuse such articles fully or partially, you have to give proper credit either to our authors or to uncover reality.


We focus on sharing true knowledge. There is no meaning to learn something “impossible” which is not at all true. We believe “fake knowledge is a dangerous thing”. And we take our work damn seriously.

Let’s build something together!

Eternal in Knowledge, Eternal in Contents..